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Powerful equipment and biodegradable soap makes all the difference!

A quality job requires quality equipment which is where our 3500 psi industrial-strength Hotsy pressure washers come in. Mixing hot water with biodegradable soap, we safely clean away grease, grime and oil, while we use cold or lukewarm water to provide the perfect clean for dusty and dirty surfaces. The adjustable pressure and temperature functions allow us to adapt to any cleaning job, no matter how big or small, and expertly provide you with the professional cleaning job that you expect.

Your home is an investment that requires maintenance and cleaning on a regular basis. If it’s broken, it needs fixing and if it’s dirty, it needs cleaning. We can help you with the latter by bringing back the shine and take years off the look of your property. We specialize in pressure washing residential homes with vinyl siding but we also clean aluminum siding, brick, slate and stucco. And that’s not all. If you own a garage, out-buildings, a boat or an RV, we’ll clean that for you as well.

5 instant benefits of an Avatar Pressure Washing job:

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